1. 500 Followers Giveaway
Since we are a single click away from 500 followers, I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you lovely people by announcing the 500 Followers Giveaway.
A random winner (sorry, the winner of the last giveaway is exempt) will be mailed a paperback of my fairy tale Print In The Snow with the glorious illustrations by the talented Madam-B. The printed book is not available commercially, it’s a limited run for my personal use, so you will be in possession of a very rare artifact that only a few of my personal friends own.
The winner:
1. follows this blog;2. has reblogged my post at one time or another;3. actually wants the book.
After the draw, I’ll contact the winner privately to confirm their interest and mailing address.
Stay tuned. ;) 16 2 days ago
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  5. Chapter IX, in which Anna finds herself at the end of the rainbow
All the time she was stuck in the confusing and dangerous Wyssun World, Anna was desperately trying to get home. But as it always happens in fairy tales, the way home is shorter than one thinks. The end!
The relationship between human-alvan hybrid Yaret and his best friend, a pureblooded Alva named Féargas, is very intimate, they’ve cared about each other for over a thousand years. Like all my Alva, Féargas is shelled in a Dollshe Hound.  4 1 week ago
  6. Chapter VIII, in which Anna figures out how the things wrap up
Anna struggles with her newly acquired insights. Old adversaries show up to confuse her, and old friends to offer guidance. Or is it the other way around?
The Skiers are young men from different parts of Earth, all different and yet all similar in one important way. I never had plans to shell all the Skiers, so use your imagination. Any beautiful boy sculpt will do. 3 1 week ago
  7. Chapter VII, in which Anna gets exactly what she wants
Ghosts of the past come to resolve some of Anna’s burning questions. She won her answers, but why does the victory taste so bitter?
A gentler re-imagining of Migidoll Ryu. 3 1 week ago
  8. Chapter VI, in which Anna comes close to losing her head
Lord Yaret makes an appearance, and oh what a dramatic appearance it is.
Yaret is my oldest and most favorite character. He was the reason why I got into bjds in the first place. He is shelled in Soom Sabik Elf, and I can’t think of a more perfect image. Since Lord Yaret of the Otherworld has an elaborate armor, I’m yet to fully customize my second Sabik in WS… that’s a project for another time. 8 2 weeks ago
  9. Chapter V, in which Anna sees a Skier in his element
Take a look at Anna’s oblivious crush through her eyes.

Sanny, the young Skier who unwittingly drew Anna into the Otherworld, is shelled in Migidoll Ryu. I don’t show that doll much, perhaps I might in the future, he is a great multilayered character and a sweet doll. 5 2 weeks ago
  10. Chapter IV, in which Anna’s mind is blown
Anna’s getting more and more entangled in the bizarre Wyssun World, and apparently, her presence has drawn attention of another bizarre - if not creepy - character. Will he be a friend or foe?
Without giving out any spoilers, let’s just say that this one is a big deal for all  involved. The adult novel I’m working on spun out of this singular encounter. This is probably my favorite chapter.  8 2 weeks ago